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I will shortly be moving this site over to a new blogging platform. I know I mentioned I was going to do this seven months ago, but it will definitely be happenning shortly as I really need to move off my current blogging platform. Things might go a bit pear-shaped whilst I'm doing this so please bear with me!

Posted By Gary On July 8, 2015

It's my birthday today. I am thirty four years old. I was only twenty years old and still at University when I first started writing this blog! Fourteen years. Where has all that time gone?! Thank you to everyone who sent cards, presents and birthday wishes. I've had a nice, relaxing day, but it's back to work tomorrow!

Posted By Gary On July 6, 2015

Well, Villa didn't turn up at Wembley back at the end of May. They lost 4-0 to Arsenal in the FA Cup final and were thoroughly disappointing. I've renewed my season ticket again, though, and I'm hoping that the 15/16 season - which starts in just five weeks time - will be much, much, much better than the 14/15 season!

Posted By Gary On July 5, 2015