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I was disappointed that Villa were beaten 1-0 by West Brom over the weekend. It was always going to be hard, though, once Kieran Richardson was sent off in the 22nd minute for a bad tackle. Manchester United visit Villa Park this weekend. Three points against them would make my Christmas all the merrier!

Posted By Gary On December 15, 2014

You can't have failed to notice that I'm posting more often these days. There's no particular reason for this; I just want to start blogging again! I plan on moving to another blogging platform over the holidays since my current one is no longer supported and it would be beyond foolish to continue using it for much longer.

That, of course, will almost certainly necessitate a redesign of the site - something I've been talking about for many, many, many years. I've not decided yet whether to start over or to import my current ramblings into the new blogging platform. All in good time. I need to get this last week of work out of the way first!

Posted By Gary On December 14, 2014

Earlier today I watched The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies in 3D at the cinema. Like the previous movie, I have some gripes about certain things in this movie that were not in J.R.R. Tolkien's excellent novel, but on the whole it was well worth the wait and I urge you to go see it whilst it's in cinemas.

Posted By Gary On December 13, 2014

I watched St. Vincent at the cinema yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a funny, touching and heart-warming story. And, of course, Bill Murray is excellent. I'm going to see The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies at the weekend and I really can't wait - I've been looking forward to it all year!

Posted By Gary On December 11, 2014

It was nice to see a win at Villa Park this afternoon as Villa made it two wins in a row with a 2-1 victory over Leicester City. They had to come from behind, but they deserved the win. They're now 11th in the Premier League. Hurrah! Villa travel to West Brom next Saturday afternoon. Three points there would be nice, too.

Posted By Gary On December 7, 2014

I was delighted to see Christian Benteke finally score again for Villa last night! Villa beat Crystal Palace 1-0 and bagged a vital three points, which has moved them up to 12th in the Premier League. Can they build on that with another three points against bottom of the table Leicester City on Sunday? I sure hope so.

Posted By Gary On December 3, 2014

As has been the case for the past couple of seasons, Villa are currently struggling at the wrong end of the table. Their recent form, you ask? LLLLLLDDD. Ouch! Here's hoping they can pick up three points tomorrow against Crystal Palace. A couple of goals from that man Christian Benteke would be most welcome.

Posted By Gary On December 1, 2014